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The Minority is a rock/punk-rock group founded in 2019 and located in Central Europe. Their music is mainly a mix of genres like California rock and punk-rock, but it also stretches a little bit towards rock’n’roll, folk and country. The group has now members: Peter Jarábek (guitar, vocals), Michal Jarábek (bass, backing vocals), Marián Karšay (drums).


Right now, the band has released two brand new one off singles "One Of A Kind" and "Get It All" supported also by a video. All these tunes come from the new music material that was recorded in the years 2022 and 2023 and even more represent that energetic, melodical and “california punk” influenced music that’s so typical for this powerful trio. The group announced later, that they plan to release a new song every three months to keep their fans constantly fed with a new stuff. During the year 2023 they released also two songs in Slovak called "Fatálny problém" and  "Mám vás...". The band has now finished their tour with concerts in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria. The setlist for this tour featured all the newest singles and songs from their latest album "Till The End Of The Line".


YEAR 2019 - 2020

Their debut album "Till The End Of The Line" was promoted by videos for singles "Run And Hide""Rhythm Of Holiday" and "Summertime". By the end of winter 2020 the band released three brand new lyric videos for singles Unbreakable, Hideaway, Guess My Name. All videos are also available on the band's official YouTube Channel.

During years 2019 and 2020 the songs were doing really well and had gained a huge success at home and abroad. You still can listen to some of their tunes on Slovak (rádio Rebecarádio Paráda) and Czech rock radios (RADIO ROCKrádio Beatrádio Fajn Rock Music).The band has managed to get their music played also in other European countries like Denmark (Radio MarlabRadio Playback Rock), Germany (Powerplant Classic RockRDD Radio) Switzerland (RADIO, Belgium (Rock FM Online) and Ukraine (Radiolla Clutch). But you can listen to songs of this punk-rock group also on radio Burg Studio radio located in Johannesburg, South Africa, or on radio Krajan from Chicago, USA. 


YEAR 2021


The band released two live videos for songs "Rhythm Of Holiday" and "I Don’t Care" as a part of the GARAGE SESSIONS 2021Then in the summer they went on a Summer Tour 2021 to perform songs from their debut album "Till The End Of The Line" with concerts in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria. Right now the group is working on a new music that’s about to be released in the summer 2022.

YEAR 2022

In the beginning of the year the band spent most of their time working on new music that's about to be released in the summer 2022. The band has released three new singles called "Too Young""Let It Be Sunday" and a Slovak song "Duch rebelov" supported also by a video. The Minority have currently finished their TOUR 2022 with concerts in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria. 

YEAR 2023

The band has now kicked off their short club tour with concerts in Slovakia and Czech Republic, that will be then followed by gigs at festivals in the summer. A new one off single "Get It All" was released in April and is now available on every streaming platform. In the summer The Minorty went on tour with open-air gigs around Slovakia and Czech Republic. During this tour the band also released a brand new single called "One Of A Kind" also supported by a lyric video. The fall and early winter was mainly about playing shows in clubs around Slovakia and Austria. A new single in Slovak called "Fatálny problém" was released in December 1st, 2023.

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