The Minority is a punk-rock band from Bratislava, Slovakia and is one of the newer acts that have emerged on the map of rock music in Central Europe. The group has now members: Peter Jarábek (guitar, vocals), Michal Jarábek (bass, backing vocals) and Marián Karšay (drums). They released their debut album "Till The End Of The Line" in 2019 and is available at almost every online music store (e.g. bandcampiTunesSpotify and Deezer). This album was recorded with external drummer Lukas Horváth who rehearsed and recorded all 15 songs. He, of course, deserves one immensely BIG THANK YOU for doing that.


Musically the album represents the work and direction of the group which is mainly a mix of genres like rock and punk-rock, but it also stretches a little bit towards rock'n'roll, folk and country. As said before, the CD contains 15 songs and according to the words of its band members “they reflect what we live, brings us joy and happiness in the contrast of what makes us feel worried and is calling for change. We don't want to fix the problems of the world, but rather play music that we love and live for and share this energy with the audience to bring some moments to their lives that would help them to forget about everyday reality”.


During summer 2019 the album was promoted by videos for singles "Run And Hide""Rhythm Of Holiday" and "Summertime". By the end of winter 2020 the band released three brand new videos for singles Unbreakable, Hideaway, Guess My Name. All videos are also available on the band's official YouTube Channel as well as in the VIDEO section.

After more than a year from the release of the album the songs are doing really well and have gained a huge success at home and abroad. You can listen to some of their tunes on Slovak (Anténa Rockrádio Rebecarádio Paráda) and Czech rock radios (rádio Beatrádio Fajn Rock Music).The band has managed to get their music played also in other European countries like Denmark (Radio MarlabRadio Playback Rock), Germany (Powerplant Classic RockRDD Radio) Switzerland (RADIO, Belgium (Rock FM Online) and Ukraine (Radiolla Clutch). But you can listen to songs of this punk-rock group also on radio Burg Studio located in Johannesburg, South Africa, or on radio Krajan from Chicago, USA. 


This Fall 2020 the band is going on a first leg of the club tour "Till The End Of The Line" together with a Czech band "Nevhodné Loutky". This tour should act like a substitution for the Summer tour which did not happen due to the corona virus pandemic. All tour dates are going to be announced soon. So, the plans remain the same no matter what the hell is going on with the world: play as many gigs as possible, share this unique energy with you and enjoy all the magic moments "Till The End Of The Line"!